If you would like to contribute your own creations to share with others, please email them to me, attaching your zipped files, your creator name, what category you would like them put in, what expansion pack is required, and a screenshot. I will post them here for you.

I have been creating some rides and and RCT2 Scenarios using Wacky Worlds Expansion Pack. You more than likely need to right click and then save when downloading. They are zipped files. Keep checking back as I will be adding more rides and parks. let me know what you think of them in the guest book and how I can improve them.

01/29/2009: Site is still here. Most files are still active. The parks are downloadable at this time.
11/01/2005: This website was recently wiped clean in geocities. All this was from an old backup file.
05/01/2009: Yahoo Geocities is shutting down this year. This site was moved to this domain. I am finding old tracks and parks from an old disk. I will be putting them up on the site. The Geocities links to the parks and rides will not work until I can find my rides. The ones with this domain's links will work.
02/08/2010: If I post any parks, tracks or scenarios that belong to you, let me know. So I can give you proper credit.

My RCT2 Wacky Worlds Scenarios:

Carlinville Park- 06/13/2003 (Right Click and Save)

Burgett Lake

My RCT2 WW Tracks:

  Bite Me!- Shark Ride Data's Twister Rollercoaster     Diane's Water Coaster Twister 1   Lava Launch Extreme
  LIM UltraExtreme 1   Nott Bobsleighing   Picard's Bullet Coaster   Picard's Row Row Your Boat Ride
  Reversomania   Swan Ride   RowRowRowOutRigger Turtle Water Action
 Nott RollerCoasting  Patriotic Mine Ride

I recently found these parks on an old Disk. I am sure they are RC2:

  Knotts Berry Farm   Cedar Point 2   Cedar Point 2003   Cedar Point NOW
  Volcania  Paramount Kings Island  Razor Rocks  Fantasy Adventures

XtremeOne's Parks:
(No expansion, just RCT2

Nova Crossing
- 06/13/2003 (Right Click and Save)

Good RCT Links:
Atari Forum
Buggy's RCT Download Page
RCT Inc.
RCT Grotto (Downloads) 

Email me with any good RCT sites: dnott.geo@yahoo.com

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